Thursday, 30 June 2011

i miss him .

  after long time..and yesterday i decide to make call .my heart was beating so fast while waiting you to pick up the phone .then naaaaah ,i hear you voice saying hello then alamak rindu gila kott ! kalau lah you tahu ..haish .but i feel so sad when you just saying  about her ,and about her again and again .damn it ! i hated that .but its okay as long i can talk to you its alright .hmm ,i just hope that you will be fine there and also open you eyes and look at me ,i still love you laaa ,you are the first one being my bf .how can i forget you .i really hope that you will read this because this is just the way i can tell you about what i feel and yes i'm afraid that you wouldn't believe me .if i can,i want shout loudly and saying I LOVE YOU Mr.S ! but yeahh i know i cant .yesterday i keep smiling all the time ,HAHA just because of you .hearing your voices make me missing you . k bye :)
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