Thursday, 7 July 2011

why ???

    i don't know why i still keep thinking of you all the time , maybe we are in the same cls and i had to see you everyday even though i know that you hated me so much .yeahh ,i don't care about that ,why should i care ? should i hated you ,not you to hated me .i saw one of your status that you saying about 'selfish bitch' ohh yeahh i know and i guess its me .can you tell me why i still taking care of you ? sigh..never mind ,why i should ask you all this shit thing right ? i'm nothing to you anymore .i know its me that really want to end our relation but why you can't be my friend or else just being friend as classmate ?you ,the one make it become too complicated and worst everything .I'm not blaming it to you ,its my fault too .i just hope that we can just being a friend like before .just friend...its enough for me as long you can forgive me for all this , I'm sorry IH ,i'm thankful if you reading this .kbye


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